Moving Trucks vs. Portable Storage Containers

Sep 20, 2021 | Moving, Storage Containers

If you’re planning on moving, you know how much of a hassle the logistics can be. What do you use to move all your stuff, and who can you get to help you load it? How expensive will it be?

While many people automatically jump to moving trucks when they’re in this situation, you may want to consider using a portable storage container instead. They offer many benefits that moving trucks can’t offer, and are the better option in most local situations. Here are some key facts about moving trucks vs. portable storage containers for you to consider for your next move.


The Hassles of Moving

Moving involves a lot of logistical issues, whether it’s just you, your whole family, or an entire business. How do you get stuff from A to B, how do you make sure it stays safe, and how do you keep it from getting stolen? And where will you be while it travels?

One of the biggest questions is: do you get a moving truck, or do you get a portable storage container to move your stuff? A


Moving Trucks Pros and Cons

The moving truck is a very common method people use for moving. You rent from a moving truck fleet, throw all your stuff in it, and away you go! But what are the tradeoffs?

A moving truck is typically cheaper than a moving container, so if your budget is tight and you don’t mind doing more work by yourself, you can probably save some money. Unfortunately, the key aspect here is that you’ll have to do more on your own. You’ll need to drive the truck, load and unload things, and for the most part, stick with your stuff as you move.

If you go with the moving truck, there are some drawbacks. You’re responsible for the truck and the stuff inside it, which means you’ll basically have to travel with it all the way to your destination. For a cross-country move, this can be quite the pain!

You also will have a huge logistical headache if you have enough stuff to warrant multiple trucks. That means you have to get more drivers, try to caravan together, and coordinate the loading and unloading with the difficulties of traveling to your new destination. The bigger your move gets, the tougher the moving truck option becomes!


Portable Storage Containers Pros and Cons

Using storage containers for your move can give you some great benefits. Namely, you get access to your things if you need them, you control the logistics and choices, and you can easily customize your container size.

One of the biggest upsides of using a portable container is that you don’t have to babysit your things through the entire moving process. In our case, BoiseBox will move the container, and you can schedule a flexible moving and pick-up date.

Need to ship your stuff to a new place while spending a couple of weeks cleaning things up back home? Send the container to your new location, and go pick it up once you’ve finished your work!  The beauty is you can pack or unpack at your own speed without the stress of having to return a truck.

Portable storage containers also tend to have lower rates of breakage, so your equipment, furniture, and belongings have a better chance of arriving without damage. You also don;t have to worry about damage to the container like you do when renting a moving truck.


Learn More!

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. We’ll do our best to help take care of you and ensure your move is as smooth as possible.