Where to Store Stuff While Your House is Being Built

Sep 16, 2021 | Moving, Storage Containers

Are you starting your next chapter in Boise?

Idaho’s capital is one of the fastest-growing cities for new homeowners. Plus, Boise’s cost of living is 30% less than Seattle, nearly 34% lower than Los Angeles, and 52% cheaper than San Francisco.

Aspiring homeowners have a real opportunity to build a dream home in Boise at a fraction of the cost. Yet, building your house is only part of the journey.

Storage is a critical step of the building process. It’s also a relief for families navigating long-distance moves.

Store your stuff the right way with this comprehensive checklist for future homeowners.


Create a Moving and Building Timetable

Moving out of state and building a dream home are two big undertakings. Parents also deal with additional challenges, like moving with young children and acclimating kids and teens to new environments. Organization is key for remaining calm, focused, and efficient throughout the process.

Building a house in Boise takes anywhere from two to four months to complete, possibly longer. You also need land, a general contractor, and the right permits. If you need a home construction loan, you have to factor in approval time.

Kickstart the building process with the following steps:

  • Meet with a Boise real estate agent
  • Apply for any building loans
  • Purchase a plot of land
  • Secure the appropriate paperwork
  • Hire a contractor (and design your home)

As the contractor begins work, start organizing your move. You have roughly 120 days to organize, pack, and store your items.

Yet, don’t wait too long to start. Moving may seem simple on the surface, but there are several variables to consider.


Eliminate Unwanted Belongings

Space-saving techniques are indispensable for homeowners on the move. With the right tips, you can even downsize to a smaller storage unit, saving even more money.

Start your moving duties with a thorough decluttering.

As you declutter, separate unwanted items into the following groups:

  • Donations
  • Garage sales (and online marketplaces)
  • Items to keep and store
  • Items to throw away
  • Belongings to recycle

After clearing out unwanted items, prepare the rest of your belongings for storage.


Pack Small Items First

Start with smaller items, like accessories, books, small electronics, toys, and so forth. These items store nicely in flat plastic storage boxes with lids. Even better, flat boxes stack on top of each other to save space in storage units.

Wrap breakables in bubble wrap, newspaper, or old bed linens before packing them up. You should also secure any data from your electronics and run a security check before packing extra laptops and mobile devices.

Next, measure the following large items to estimate the right storage unit size:

  • Sofas and loveseat couches
  • Chairs and recliners
  • Coffee tables, end tables, and corner tables
  • Kitchen and dining room tables
  • Bookcases
  • Desks
  • Shelving
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • Speakers and amps

Measure the above items to find a rough square footage. You can visualize your storage plan with your computer or paper and pencil. A BoiseBox representative can suggest the appropriate unit size for your needs too.


How to Rent Your BoiseBox

Once you get to Boise, renting a storage unit is simple and straightforward.

After estimating your square footage, choose the appropriate small, medium, or large unit.



Small portable BoiseBox units are 8×8 feet, which is ideal for storing up to two bedrooms worth of belongings. This size can handle up to 5,000 pounds of weight. Thus, if you want to store your piano, you would need to upgrade to a larger size.

Even better, your portable unit is delivered straight to your location, saving you multiple trips to the storage unit lot.

One small BoiseBox is ideal for small homes. While an 8×8 unit can store two rooms, you also have to consider common areas, kitchens, and bathroom belongings. Fortunately, you can pair your small unit with an 8×16 box for a complete storage solution.



The medium BoiseBox is the middle ground between the 8X8 and 8×16 units. This storage unit can hold up to three bedrooms, including furniture. It also has a higher weight capacity, managing up to 6,000 pounds of belongings.

Like the small BoiseBox, you can pair the medium unit with a large or small storage box. This size is also a popular choice for remodeling projects and apartments.



Lastly, there’s the large BoiseBox. This size can accommodate up to four rooms of furniture. Plus, there’s still plenty of room for small to mid-size belongings.

The large unit can manage up to 7,000 pounds. Plus, you don’t have to rent a large moving truck or make frequent trips to a lot.

You don’t have to worry about turning your storage unit keys in at a certain time. Simply pay by the month to use your BoiseBox at your leisure wherever you choose. When you’re done packing your unit, a friendly mover will drop off your BoiseBox at your new address.


How to Store Your Stuff in a BoiseBox

As a rule of thumb, pack large items in the back of the storage unit. Keep small to mid-size items upfront. You should also keep frequently used items upfront, like storage supplies and tools.

Start by packing large flat furniture in the back, like bookcases and dressers. Like the game Tetris, stack and arrange your chairs to save space. Lightweight coffee tables and end tables are also stackable.

Pack heavy items on the bottom and lighter items up top. Heavy items can lose balance and topple down if you’re not careful. Use packing blankets to protect stacked furniture from damage too.

Some homeowners even install shelves in their units to store knick-knacks, books, and other small items.


Save Time and Reduce Stress with Portable Storage

You have a lot on your plate. Ensure your project timetable goes smoothly without a hitch. Kickstart the storage process as your dream home comes to life.

Remember these tips as you choose the ideal BoiseBox size and storage plan. Contact us to get started or order your portable unit online today!