7 Benefits Of Using Portable Storage Containers During Restoration Projects

Oct 25, 2021 | Storage Containers

Calamities have struck many areas globally. Flooding has affected millions of lives and caused destruction to numerous homes. Forest fires have also been apparent due to high temperatures and human negligence. Other catastrophic events such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have been felt in several countries as well. These works of nature have left countless people homeless and, worse, have claimed lives throughout the years.

Mother Nature hasn’t spared any city in the U.S., either, including the Boise area. According to the Idaho Office of Emergency Management (IOEM), several destructive calamities have happened in the past. Over a period of 20 years, the government agency has recorded more than 20 major disasters. There have been earthquakes, flooding, and wildfires. These disasters have caused so much damage that some families needed to start rebuilding their homes from scratch.

Benefits Of Using Portable Storage Containers

When heavily damaged by disasters, houses usually have to undergo thorough checking to ensure the safety of everyone living in them. If your property has been greatly affected by a calamity, there’s a chance that you’d need to do some restoration or renovation. For either of those to go smoothly, your belongings must be taken out of the premises and kept elsewhere. One way to deal with the safekeeping of your things is by using a portable storage container.

If you’re still thinking twice about it, here are seven benefits of using a storage container during restoration projects:

  1. Avoid The Stress Of Moving Your Things Far

Instead of transporting your belongings to a storage unit that’s miles away, let the storage come to you. This allows you to avoid all the stress and hassle involved in the process, especially after a disaster.

After you’ve hired a contractor to take on the restoration work, you may call companies such as Boise Box that offer portable storage containers to be delivered straight to your home. After transferring your things, you have the option to either leave the container on your property or have it stored at the company’s facility.

  1. Protect Your Possessions From The Harsh Elements

During the restoration, your furniture and household items may be exposed to a lot of dust and debris. Contractors usually recommend that you remove all of them before any work can begin. However, keeping your things out in the open may cause more harm than good since they’ll be exposed to direct sunlight, wind, and rain. High temperatures may cause wooden and plastic furniture to crack or warp. Moreover, prolonged exposure to rain may corrode steel items.

With that said, it’s important to prioritize the quality of your provider’s storage container. Make sure that they’ve used durable, water-resistant materials to avoid any leakage when it rains. It’s also best to check the container’s integrity to make sure that your household items are safe.

  1. Get More Convenience

With portable storage units, you may have them delivered right to your yard. This feature is what sets this type of storage container apart from the rest. While most storage options can be found at a facility, portable storage containers can occupy any available space right outside your home. Ultimately, this would also help you save money since getting help from a logistics company to transport your things from your home to their storage facility may add to your growing list of expenses.

  1. Have Peace Of Mind

Security is one of the things that customers look for when getting help with storage. Aside from a weatherproof container , homeowners want space that’s as secure as possible.

When you request a portable storage unit, you may put a lock on it to make sure that no outsiders will get hold of your belongings. The entry point is usually limited to one side, so you don’t have to worry about the back as well. It’s best to choose storage units that are made of steel since light materials such as plywood are weak and susceptible to forced entry.

  1. Experience Easy Loading And Unloading

Portable storage containers can be loaded at ground level, which is less dangerous and easier to deal with than placing items, especially large ones, inside a vehicle. Since your only task is to fill the container, you’ll spend less time doing that compared to loading your belongings into a truck and unloading them later on at the storage facility.

This also means there’s less chance that you’ll drop anything or end up crushing small boxes with larger, heavier ones. As a result, you can either encounter less damage due to handling or avoid damage altogether. Additionally, you’ll save on gas or vehicle rental charges since there are companies offering packages that include the storage unit and the transport of your belongings to their location.

  1. Enjoy Flexible Storage

Another benefit of getting a restoration storage container is that you can have it in the size you need. Renstoration projects may range from small-scale work, such as working on a room or two, to something of a much bigger scale, such as restoring the entire house. That’s why it’s advisable to go for a company that has several options to choose from.

Also, with portable storage, you may get as many containers as you deem necessary, and you’re in control of the duration of your storage. For example, you may use each portable storage unit for things found in a specific room, so when that room has been restored, you can unload the designated container for it. Of course, you’re free to use just one large container for everything you have to remove from your house if that’s what you prefer.

  1. Gain Instant Access To Your Belongings

Having the portable storage unit within reach should you choose to keep it somewhere on your property would help you access your things whenever you require them. If you need your toaster or perhaps some of your chairs, you don’t need to drive all the way to the storage facility. Your belongings will be a few steps away, so forgetting something won’t be a problem for anyone in your family.

Ideal For Contractors Too

Portable storage units aren’t limited to homeowners’ use; contractors may benefit from them as well. They may use the storage container to store their equipment and tools during the restoration process. Instead of leaving equipment and tools such as ladders and drills inside the house, workers may store them safely inside the container. This will prevent them from misplacing anything.

When It Is Time To Move Out

Calamities are incredibly unpredictable. Some forms of damage may be too big or extensive to repair or irreversible to some extent, such as those caused by tornadoes and volcanic eruptions. There are instances wherein the best choice is to transfer to a new area or home.

If you’re planning to move out instead of having your property renovated, portable storage units are still a good choice to help with your belongings. With them, you can relocate conveniently. One notable advantage is that you may leave your household items in the unit for a longer period. This means you may take your time in easing into your new home and have everything delivered to you once you’re ready.

The Takeaway

Natural disasters such as storms, floods, and earthquakes may result in damage to different properties such as houses and commercial buildings. If your home’s undergoing a restoration, it’s best to keep your belongings in a secure space, which is exactly what a storage unit is for. Portable storage units have the same purpose as traditional ones but offer more benefits.

One notable benefit that mobile storage containers provide is that they protect your things from different elements such as rain and sunlight, which may cause your belongings to warp or rust. They provide ease and convenience since you can have a container delivered to your home. And aside from being secure, they allow you to retrieve your things without having to drive far.