Garage Storage Ideas: How to Get Organized

Jul 27, 2022 | Tips

Are you one of the 1 in 4 Americans who can’t fit their car in the garage because it’s so cluttered? It’s almost embarrassing, you have a whole room that’s supposed to be for parking your car, yet it’s packed to the brim with stuff. You may not even remember what’s in there.

It’s easier to keep the door closed and ignore the problem. Well, not anymore! These garage storage ideas will help you reclaim your garage and get organized.


Don’t Underestimate the Project

You need to set enough time aside to get the entire garage organized. Don’t underestimate how long it will take to empty your garage, sort through everything, and then return the items you’ll keep. People fall into the trap of getting excited to get started and setting themselves up for failure because they take action without a plan.

Typically, doing the job right will take an entire day or even a weekend. The more stuff you have, the bigger your garage, and the more repairs or building you need to do will all make the project take longer. Don’t forget to factor in trips to the local hardware store, donation center, and dump.


You Need the Right Tools

The job you do organizing will only be as good as the tools you use. You will need trash cans or bags to contain the stuff that needs to be thrown away. If you know you have a lot to throw out, it could be worth renting a dumpster and letting the pros haul the trash away.

Cleaning supplies are also good to have on hand. Items in the garage get dirty, and you should clean them before you put them back in your garage. Additionally, having a notepad and pen on hand is also helpful for making notes and shopping lists.

Finally, you need a drill, hammer, and other tools to install shelving and make repairs.


Decide What Stays and What Goes

Before you can organize, you need to declutter. This is the hardest step for the majority of people. So, get in a ruthless mindset and declutter in stages.

It’s overwhelming to declutter the entire pile of belongings at once. Instead, break it up into more manageable piles. Then you can work in phases and take breaks, which keeps you mentally fresh and able to make good decisions.

Try organizing your clutter into categories like sporting goods, lawn equipment, tools, and seasonal. This helps you easily recognize duplicates. Get rid of anything you have more than one of or that is broken and no longer usable.

Make piles into which you can sort items that you want to keep, sell, donate, and throw away.


Categorize What You Keep

There are some items that you want to keep and put back in your garage. Other items are worth keeping, but you only need them seasonally. This is when a portable storage box comes in handy.

A storage box gets dropped off in your driveway. You load it up with your seasonal items. Then it gets taken away and safely stored until you need it again.


Embrace Bins

One of the best storage ideas for your garage is to use containers or bins. This keeps similar items together and creates a uniform look in your garage. Choose bins with lids that secure tightly to the bin to protect the items inside.

You can color code or label your bins to make it easy to sort through your garage.


Add Shelving to Utilize Vertical Space

Do not place your bins on the floor and stack additional bins on top. Instead, add a shelving unit. There are kits you can buy, or you can DIY your own design.

Put most often used items at eye level. Keep hazardous or dangerous items up high and out of reach of children. Put heavy items low to the floor to reduce the risk of injury.

While 65% of new homes constructed in 2019 have a two-car garage, not everyone is lucky enough to have this ample garage space. You need small garage storage ideas if you have a single-car garage. The smaller your garage, the more you need to utilize vertical space to maximize the storage ability in your garage.


Consider the Ceiling

Once you’ve filled the walls, it’s time to look up. Garage overhead storage ideas suggest mounting racks from the ceiling to hang over your head. Unfortunately, this is the most often neglected space.

Keep the items you rarely use up there. For example, ladders, camping gear, seasonal decor, and coolers are good for ceiling storage.


You Need a Functional Space

Leave a space in your garage to serve as a functional space. This is where you’ll put garage tool storage ideas to work. Hang a pegboard on the wall and add a workbench with drawers and cabinets for smaller tools.

Hang hooks and baskets on the pegboard for organized storage. You could even place a small stool to have a place to sit when working on your new bench.


Consider Your Family’s Needs and Lifestyle

Don’t forget to consider your family’s lifestyle when organizing your garage. For example, if you have children, you’ll need a spot for their sporting equipment and toys. DIY garage storage ideas can show you how to customize your organization for your family’s needs.

Consider purchasing a garage organizational system. That way, you can use one system to organize everything for a uniform look throughout your garage. This will create the illusion of a cleaner and more organized garage.


Try These Garage Storage Ideas

If you are ready to finally take control of your garage, then it’s time to try out these garage storage ideas. Create a plan, gather supplies, declutter, organize, and then reload your garage with bins and shelves to hold everything you want to keep.

Contact BoiseBox for additional storage space when you have more belongings than what will fit in your newly organized garage.