Ideas for Organizing your Closet

Jun 23, 2022 | Tips

Research shows that having a cluttered home can impact your physical and mental health, making people feel more stressed and making it harder for them to focus. One common cause of clutter in homes is closet shelves and cabinets.

Luckily, there are many closet storage solutions that make improving closet space simple and effective. Having effective and simple closet organization can help you keep your space clean and clutter-free. Are you looking for closet organization ideas?

Keep reading this guide for the best ideas to help you improve your closet organization at home!


Clean Your Closet and Declutter

One of the first things you need to do when organizing your closet is pull everything out. This way, you can see everything you have and you will have a clear starting point.

Once you have gotten everything out of your closet, it is time to clean your closet and declutter. With everything out of your space, you can quickly wipe down the shelves in your closet, vacuum, and assess the amount of storage that you have.

Then, you can start to purge your clothing. Finding ways to downsize and declutter all of the belongings in your closet is key to keeping it organized. Often, closets get cluttered because your belongings don’t have a specific place to go.

When you purge your belongings, you will free up space for the most important items that need to go in your closet.

First, you should start by removing things that take up a lot of space in your closet. For example, you may have boxes of your belongings, suitcases, or other large items taking up space. Each of these things can be stored in other areas, like under your bed, in a hallway closet, or even in an attic.

Then, you can start weeding out your clothing. You should make three different piles and sort each of your items into each pile. One pile is the clothing you want to keep, another is clothing you can donate, and finally a pile of clothing that needs to be thrown out.


Sort Clothes Into Groups

Once you know what clothes you actually want to keep in your closet, you can start sorting your clothes into groups.

First, you may want to start by grouping similar clothing items together. Make sure all of your shoes are stored together, all of your accessories are stored together, and more.

Next, you may want to have a special place for your most worn items in your closet. Make sure they are easy to access and have prime real estate in your closet!

You should also have a separate pile of clothing that is out of season. For example, you may not need thick sweaters or winter gear taking up space in the spring and summer months. Instead, you may want to vacuum seal them and store them elsewhere until the weather changes.


Keep Floor Space Open

Something that may make your closet feel more cluttered is having too many items stored on the floor. Whether you have boxes, shoes, or anything else stored on the floor of your closet, it will make the space feel perpetually messy.

Instead, you may want to keep your floor space clear!


Evaluate Storage Solutions

Next, you need to evaluate your current storage space and the storage solutions that you already have in your closet. What is working? What needs to be improved?

Make sure all of your closet storage solutions meet the needs of your closet organization and fit in your closet space. If they don’t, you may need to invest in other organizers for your closet.

You can also identify other spaces in your home that you can utilize to store some of your clothes. While you may think that you need to keep all of your clothing in your bedroom, you may have an unused linen closet or a guest bedroom that you can utilize for closet storage.

This way, the clutter of a closet will not be in your bedroom and it will be easier to relax.

You can also find other cost-effective storage solutions, which may be a good investment to keep your house clutter-free.


Utilize Wasted Closet Space

Once you have cleared out your closet and assessed your storage space, you can find ways to utilize wasted space in your closet.

One of the easiest ways you can do this is by using a dresser underneath the items hanging in your closet. If you have shirts or other short pieces of hanging clothes in closets, adding a short dresser underneath these hanging items will free up space in your bedroom and make it easier to organize your clothing.

It will allow you to keep all of your clothes in one place and doesn’t require any type of installation.


Divide the Closet Into Zones

Before you begin putting clothes back into your closet, you should divide your closet into different closet storage categories. This way, each item in your closet will have a specific place and it will be easier to keep your closet organized in the long run.

Closet dividers are an inexpensive way to make your closet feel more luxurious and organized and can be used in small closets or walk-in closets.

For example, you may want to have a zone in your closet for specific items, like dresses. When you are putting away clothing, you simply need to put them in their zone to keep your closet organized.


Install Drawers and Shelves

Similar to adding dividers in your closet, installing drawers and shelves in your closet is something that will instantly give your closet an upgrade and make it feel more luxurious.

There are many different types of prefabricated shelving systems for closets that can help you divide your clothing and keep it organized. It is especially helpful if you share a closet with a partner, as you can both have separate drawers and shelves for your belongings.


Utilize Different Folding or Hanging Methods

Many people don’t realize how much space they can save in their closets simply by using better folding or hanging methods for their clothing. Trying a few different folds will not only make your closet look nicer and better organized, but it can also save tons of valuable space on your shelves and in your drawers.

For example, you may find that you save space by using special hangers for things like jeans, ties, or belts.

You can also save space using a vertical file folding method for your drawers, rather than stacking your clothes on top of each other. This will make it easier to see all of your clothes without having to move things around and will allow you to fit more clothes in each drawer.

There are many organizational videos you can watch for space-saving tips when folding your clothes.


Don’t Forget About Wall Space

In a small closet, you may feel like you don’t have enough storage space for your belongings. However, there is often a lot of wasted space that you can use! For example, you should never forget about your wall space when organizing your closet.

Walls can be used to hold smaller items that take up unnecessary space on your clothing rack. They are the perfect option for storing jewelry, accessories, and other products!

Whether you want to install a small towel rack or hang damage-free hooks, these can help you keep your smaller clothing items and accessories organized without wasting any space in your closet.


Utilize Storage Containers

Sometimes, you may simply not have enough storage in your home for all of your belongings. This is especially common for people that live in small apartments with limited storage space.

In these situations, you may need to utilize a storage service. For example, you can pay for a portable storage container to help you store items that you don’t have space for in your actual home.

These can be picked up and delivered whenever you need them, so you can even use a storage container to hold your belongings temporarily when you are renovating your home.


Keep It Simple

Finally, it is essential that you keep your closet organization simple. When you are starting the organization process, it can be easy to make your closet organization elaborate and aesthetically pleasing.

However, these elaborate storage methods will be too difficult to maintain. Having a simple organization system will make it easy to keep your closet uncluttered and organized in the future!

You should also come up with a plan to keep your closet organized. You may want to plan a time each week to reorganize anything that is out of place to make sure it doesn’t get cluttered again.


Looking For More Closet Organization Ideas?

Having the right closet storage solutions can make a huge difference when improving closet space. Following each of these closet organization ideas can help you create and maintain an organized and clean closet.

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