How to Store a Mattress

Feb 28, 2022 | Moving, Storage Containers

Did you know that around 31 million people pack all their belongings and move in one year? You may suddenly need to stuff everything into boxes and suitcases to go to the other end of the country to celebrate a new job, or maybe you just want a change of scenery.

Downsizing and relocating can be challenging if you have a lot of things to take with you. Bulkier and heavier items need to be packed away first, and this is where knowing how to store a mattress comes in.

If you’re not storing a mattress correctly, you can risk your precious bed collecting allergens and dust mites through all its cracks and seams. You will also need to get your mattress cleaned to ensure that you can sleep on it when it is unwrapped at your destination.

Mattresses can be expensive because they are a long-term investment. You do not want to leave yours upright in the attic where it can be exposed to bacteria. Here is everything you need to know about relocating your bed and why storing a mattress the right way is key.


Cleaning Before Mattress Storage

No matter how well you have your cleaning schedule down, a mattress is another beast altogether. Mattresses accumulate dirt, sweat, dust mites, and crumbs from your midnight snacks no matter how careful you are.

If you are not storing a mattress properly, you will end up with a buildup of bacteria that leads to excess fungus and mold growth. The best way to clean your mattress to keep it ready for storage is to remove it from the base.

Then you need to strip the mattress by removing all the pillows, sheets, and blankets. The next crucial step is to apply a tiny amount of baking soda. Let this sit on top of your mattress’s exterior.

Baking soda is excellent for removing stains and absorbing any unpleasant odors.

After letting the baking soda camp on your mattress for approximately an hour, you should grab a vacuum cleaner with an extension to clean all the powder from the surface of your mattress. Air out the mattress for a few hours to ensure that it’s totally dry.


Use a Mattress Cover for Storage

When you are done cleaning your mattress, the next step is to focus on storage. It is important to get a plastic protective wrap to help prevent dust particles from settling on the outside of your bed.

Otherwise, dust can attach itself to the fibers of your mattress. Then it will become more challenging to clean the fabric to ensure maximum comfort.

Avoid using a thick plastic covering because it can trap some moisture. This can cause mold growth if left neglected.

The best idea is to use a breathable mattress storage bag or wrap it with duct tape to secure everything in place. This way, you will not have any open holes or areas where dust or moisture can seep through.


Transport Your Mattress Safely

Once the mattress is dry and wrapped carefully, it is time to load it on your moving truck. Remember to avoid strapping the mattress to the top of your truck or car.

You should also never squeeze an entire mattress into the back of your moving pickup truck. Otherwise, you can risk damaging the inner layers of your mattress.

The mattress can also fly off the top of your car and onto the road while you speed away if it is not tied down properly. To avoid damage to a mattress’s internal structure, line the moving truck with some old sheets and blankets.

This will save the mattress from sliding around in the truck and will protect the exterior. You can also prop the mattress on its side if you have other pieces of furniture loaded in the same truck. However, only do this for a very short time. Avoid leaving your mattress in the back of the truck for days.


Keep Things Flat

Even though it is okay to store and transport a mattress upright for a short time, you should avoid doing this because it can damage the interior structure of your bed.

Imagine the amount of pressure on the inside of your mattress if it is kept on one side for too long. This can ruin the internal structure and all the cushioning you have inside.

Then your mattress will seem uncomfortable and very lopsided when you try to sleep on it after moving. The best way to store a mattress is to keep it flat on the floor. This is where you can also use another material or tarp to ensure that your mattress stays clean and dry instead of directly touching the ground.

If you do not have a lot of space, you can prop your mattress flat on other furniture. For instance, you can bring couches closer together to lay your mattress across them.


Always Clear Your Mattress

It is necessary to ensure that you have plenty of flat surface space for your mattress to rest. If you are dropping the mattress off at a storage unit, you should avoid putting other items or furniture on top of the mattress once it is flat on the ground.

Otherwise, you can permanently damage the inner and outer layers of your mattress. Even putting a chair on top of the mattress can dent your bed. Then you will have to buy a new mattress or learn to sleep on a warped one.

Always clear items away from your mattress if it is left flat on the floor if you want to preserve your sleep investment. Otherwise, the next time you sleep, you will feel all the dents and bumps that will eventually force you to wake up and buy a new mattress.


Think About Climate Control

Mattresses should never be left in humid or wet areas. It is always best to find safe climate-controlled portable storage solutions for mattress storage. This will help protect your mattress from unexpected weather conditions during the year.

With a portable box, you can rest assured that you will receive the best storage for all mattress types. Then you never have to worry about extreme heat or cold temperatures ruining your bed during your move.

Portable storage units will fight off any moisture to protect your mattress from mold. It can also help maintain optimal temperature and moisture levels to keep your mattress in the best shape possible.

Although mattresses can also be stored inside the home, you may not want to deal with an inconvenience.

It is also more difficult to maintain the optimal temperature at home, especially if you are busy packing and moving things in and out of the house all day.

There may be a lot of doors opening and foot traffic that can affect the air circulation. Avoid leaving a mattress in your garage because it is a high humidity area. This can create the perfect breeding ground for mold and fungus if you are not careful.

You can effortlessly solve all your mattress storage problems by ordering the most secure storage options to your doorstep. Then you never have to worry about mattress safety and can always get the best night’s sleep.


Remove Any Lingering Smells

No matter how many precautions you take to protect the mattress, it can always come out of storage smelling a bit strange. This does not mean that your favorite mattress is dirty.

The mattress cover can also trap a certain smell while keeping the mattress free from dust. The best thing to do is to unwrap the mattress after you arrive at your new home and let it air out for a few hours.

You can do this immediately before unpacking the rest of your belongings to ensure that the mattress will be ready for bedtime. After the mattress has aired out, you should grab your baking soda again and let it sit on the mattress for up to an hour.

Then you should vacuum all the powder and residue and let the mattress air out one more time. By the time you are done with this process and all the other unpacking, your mattress will be clean and fresh, as though you had never moved it at all.


Knowing How to Store a Mattress Is Key

Now that you know how to store a mattress, you can save yourself a lot of hassle and money by doing things the right way. Always find a reputable storage facility to ensure that your mattress is in safe hands. You never have to worry about the harsh heat in summer or the winter cold diminishing your mattress’s quality.

Storage experts at BoiseBox guarantee that your mattress will always be in top shape for you to get a perfect sleep.

Contact us today, and we can provide the best storage options for all mattress types. With our mobile storage solutions delivered right to your doorstep, you never need to visit a storage unit again.