10 Best Neighborhoods in Eagle Idaho

Aug 9, 2021 | Moving

Eagle, ID offers a lot to new residents. With a boom in Eagle career opportunities, there are many options for neighborhoods in the surrounding area!

Are you looking to move to Eagle? Keep reading to learn more about the best neighborhoods in Eagle, ID to move to!

The Preserve

The Preserve is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Eagle, ID. This great neighborhood is close enough to feel connected to everything Eagle has to offer.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, then this might be your perfect home. Nearby, there are sites for biking, running, hiking, disc golf, and summer and winter activities. You can also spend time with your friends and family at the nearby shops and restaurants.

This area is still growing, so more opportunities for fun and dining will come in the near future!


If you value privacy and space, then Legacy might be your new home! This community has dedicated 39 percent of its land to open space. The city of Eagle only requires 21 percent open space, showing that Legacy is driven to go above and beyond to provide a great place to live for the community members.

This gives you the space to play in parks, walk down nice paths, and enjoy water features around the neighborhood. Nearby there are many options for dining and shopping, as well.


Ashbury offers some of the best homes available in Eagle, with luxurious homes of all sizes.

This neighborhood is incredibly close to downtown Boise, the Boise foothills, and great places to eat, have fun, and spend time with family and friends.

Ashbury is an amazing community, and it is definitely a place in the Treasure Valley worth exploring!

Foxtail Square

If you are looking for the amenities that come with a private community, look no further than Foxtail Square. This amazing neighborhood includes a private community pool, a private park, several lakes, and many winding paths and walkways.

There is a lot to do nearby, but within the community, there is a very peaceful feeling fostered by the many water features and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

If you are moving to Eagle with kids, Foxtail is very close to some of the best schools in the area!


With high-quality materials and a location that you just can’t beat, Syringa is a new neighborhood with a lot to offer its residents!

This new community has several amenities, including a pool and clubhouse, a community park, and a playground. This will give you spaces to get to know your neighbors and build new friendships in the area!

Syringa is close to Eagle Island State Park and the Boise foothills, giving you plenty of opportunities for a wide range of outdoor activities. It is also close to fine dining and shopping!

Like Foxtail, Syringa is close to some amazing schools for kids of all age levels.


If you are looking for luxury and upscale living, then Castlerock is the place for you in the Treasure Valley.

This gated community is located on 10 beautiful acres in the northern area of Eagle, ID. There are only five estate homes in this community, so if you don’t act soon, you may miss your chance to live in one of the most amazing neighborhoods in the entire state!

With a location right up against the Boise foothills, and properties with two acres of land each, you are close enough to town to enjoy the local amenities, but your home and community are secluded enough for you to enjoy all of the privacy and beauty that nature can offer.

Mace River

Mace River is one of the last new developments in Eagle. With so much development going on all over the city, Mace River manages to give a sense of seclusion and privacy that makes you forget about all of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Mace River has beautiful ponds, 2.5 miles of private trails, and an incredible community clubhouse. You don’t have to give up the beauty and peace of nature to have modern and luxurious amenities right next door!

Banbury Meadows

While there has been a recent boom in Eagle, and there are many new developments popping up, it is important to keep an eye on some of the more tried and true neighborhoods!

Banbury Meadows has been one of Eagle’s best neighborhoods for quite a while, and their reputation continues to hold strong even with the recent boom in population.

The Banbury Golf Club has one of the best golf courses in the Treasure Valley, and the homes in the neighborhood line the rich, green fairways. This open space allows homeowners to have views of the beautiful sunsets and the Boise foothills, adding to the tranquil peace of this community.


If you are looking for something near the water, Renovare delivers! This luxurious, gated community is located on the banks of the Boise River. Aside from the beautiful location, the homes at Renovare offer the best of the best for new buyers.

Home here offers features such as stainless steel appliances, granite and quartz countertops, vaulted ceilings, heated bathroom floors, and so many more features.

Your home is supposed to be a safe, comforting place for you to live, and Renovare works hard to create an upscale oasis for you to share with your family.


If you are looking for a place that provides a great deal and a wonderful home without hurting your wallet, look no further than Cedarfield.

You are moments away from the center of Eagle, and you have many options for outdoor adventures close by as well.

Not everyone is looking for a luxury home, but everyone is looking for a place where they can build their life and make happy memories. Cedarfield is a beautiful neighborhood that can offer you the benefits of a life in Eagle without breaking the bank.

Looking to Move to the Best Neighborhoods in Eagle?

With the boom in population and new career opportunities in Eagle, there are many families looking for a new place to call home.

Living in Eagle is the start of an amazing new chapter in your life! If you are looking for more information about moving to the Boise area and finding storage near the best neighborhoods in Eagle, head to our website for more information!